It's all in the name...

ImpacThor [Impact + Thor]

We are an online activation hub that promotes and innovates the act of giving - but, in a fun and exciting way! Our platform connects individuals, non-profits and companies in a way that allows giving back to thrive in a more consistent and sustainable manner. While there are many challenges that non-profits face today, there are 3 primary areas that we focus to contribute towards:

(1) The lack of capacity;

(2) The lack of funding (coming soon); and

(3) The lack of awareness (coming soon).

ImpacThor was created to benefit everyone who gives in their own way. To drive change, it is key to work together. It’s about creating unique opportunities that allow everyone to contribute meaningfully, and in turn, inspire others. Whether you volunteer, donate, purchase products from socially conscious businesses or share an article, these are all ways you can contribute to being an ImpacThorian!


Back in 2014, while living and working in Bangkok, we witnessed how local businesses were helping the non-profits in Thailand be more sustainable. Instead of handing out money, they did this by providing exclusive services and products to individuals who supported the work of non-profits.

There are more than 52,000 non-profits in Malaysia and much can be done to lend a hand to each of them - be it in the form of manpower or funding. So we decided to do something about it.

At ImpacThor, we want to do more than just benefit the non-profits. We want to also enrich the lives of the individuals who give, as well as make giving more accessible for businesses. We have one belief - when compassionate people, businesses and non-profits come together, consistent and lasting impact will happen. If making a difference in people’s lives matter to you, we’re here with you.