How To Volunteer

Welcome to the ImpacThor family! We are truly ecstatic to have passionate and kind volunteers like you onboard!

Volunteers are the heart and soul of any social project. Every hour spent volunteering makes a difference to the organisations and to your community. Because of this, we think you're awesome!

When you volunteer through ImpacThor, we connect you to meaningful activities and to the causes you care about. Our booking system is easy to use and we make it fun with our points system. You also get to track your activities and impact.

How to start volunteering?

Register / Login

All volunteers must be a registered user on the platform.

Make a booking

Browse through the volunteering opportunities and make a booking. Bookings can even be made after an event has begun!


To complete an activity, you must be present and carry out the task as required.

Get points

After the event, points will be awarded based on your attendance. So please be punctual to get full points!